Late last night (or early this morning?), I’d ported to my house ready to log off to head to bed and as I often do, opted to complete the two challenges I have on my plot before logging. I was pretty happy when I finally got the Vind plushie from the Shardspire Canyon challenge so I popped him on my bed and tested out the comfort levels. ws_aurinsoup02 Then I got a tiny bit sidetracked checking for any additional comfort buffs I could add for my rested XP – I managed to add an aroma buff, finally – and decided to implement the owl bridge. So of course, Fenwin and Zideann (new guildies) zoomed over to see what the heck I meant and things.. kind of.. escalated from there…

Fenwin found his way into the cauldron..

Fenwin found his way into the cauldron..


…and then pulled me in with him…


…Aurin Soup.