WildStar, as a live game, has been out for a decent amount of time now. It feels polished and full, there’s so much to do for all sorts of player-types and this is fantastic for a brand new MMO.

However, I’m starting to feel just a little frustrated by the optimisation problems… when after a couple of hours of playing my addon screen can look something like this:


You might understand how that could be affecting my gameplay. Oh yes, dem framerate drops.

I have lowered a whole bunch of settings, including things like view distance and surface material. I tried the DX9 rollback. I deleted the roaming files. I tried removing most of my addons. I try to reload my UI every now and then, but that just seems to cause crashes more times than not. And yes, my nVidia drivers are up-to-date. So you can understand my frustration when I can be happily running along and my framerate will suddenly do this…


At this point, I’m just doing a whole lot of facedesking. I’m not very computer literate, not really, so I honestly don’t know what more I can do to fix it. (begs for help)

Saying that, it’s not going to stop me from playing, I’m just frustrated that a six month old PC is having these issues. I’ve fallen in love with this game. The lore is already so rich, it’s gorgeous, the music is fantastic, I can be a cat-fox-girl-thing, the PvE is right up my street (I’m not-so-secretly giddy at the prospect of a nice grindy raid attunement), the challenges are addictively wonderful, and dat player housing. I just hope I can fix this issue so that I can continue loving it for a while to come! And get using some addons.. ahem