Warning: Any swearing in this blog post absolutely must be read in a British accent.

Well, today came around and I was informed that my pre-order code wouldn’t be here until Monday. I figured, oh well, I was in the charity shop this afternoon with plans for an evening with the other half, and a get together tomorrow with the charity shop ladies anyway so it’s not the end of the world, right? So I didn’t rush home. I had chats with the charity shop ladies and when I got back there was a knock on the door and Dan’s brother hands me a piece of paper with a bunch of numbers on it. The bastards lied to me in order to surprise me! Bless the menfolk in my life.

So I fiddled around for a little bit and got in and made my Aurin! This took me a fair while, and I even recorded my character creation for your.. erm.. viewing pleasure? I figure it shows off character creation to the curious, and also shows you how I go about creating my characters, for a bit of fun. Hopefully get chance to throw a bit of commentary on top of this tomorrow and share it with you. But for now have some screenies.

Long live Aurin JaeJae! (Yes, I am now adopting this nickname for my Aurin, credit goes to Rowan for this, blame him!)


I spent the first chunk of my time ingame tracking down all of the EU Exile folk on Lightspire and trying to add them to my friend list and prodding Missy a bunch via EzMessenger (which is a lovely addon which enables you to keep track of your whisper conversations really simply) wherein we talked crap for a while and she threatened my future Nexus neighbours. Be warned folk.


While being overly social I was trying to eat some dinner and move ahead on the opening quests, until finally I came to the content I hadn’t experienced in beta – which considering I hadn’t got past level 2 wasn’t that far – and of course, having a great case of the, “What’s over here.. ooh that’s kinda cool!” Which you actually seem to be rewarded for in WildStar so that gives me a happy. As much as I love the lore and housing aspects, I of course picked the Explorer path for this very reason.


This seems to be a Rowsdowser paddling pool. With a toy. Just ‘cus.

Then I found some storage boxes. At first I found one and named him Fred the Box but then…


There was something haunting about them… almost..


Like they could see into your soul…


Except for Fred the Box, of course. He’s just happy to see you.

And then there were the NPCs that pretty much summed up my hype levels for the past couple of days…


I made it to level 3 before logging off for the night. I seem to be the slowest of the EU bunch but I honestly don’t care because I’m having my very own brand of fun.

As for guilds, there’s an absolute pile of bloggers and Tweeters and friends of bloggers and Tweeters on Lightspire-EU (RP-PvE) Exile side and currently we have a circle, which is very handy, to tide us over between now and whenever we manage to get a guild set up. Sil is having some internet issues but she needs to be level 12 (I believe?) to start the guild. We’re in no hurry, but if you want a home, do let me know – you can find me as Jaedia, character and account name – and I’ll squirrel you in. So far, we’re all having a blast.

See you on Nexus!