After getting home from the charity shop yesterday, I hopped into WildStar and started playing and bouncing around trees and such. Then I turned around to talk to Dan and when I turned back I couldn’t work out where my character had gone…


Until I saw the tail swishing. Oh, Jaejae is a sneaky one, all right!

So I got back to things and started trying to bounce my way up the tree in Woodhaven for an Explorer thingy. It took me a little bit but I got to the top. I just love that feeling, when you’ve been trying to get to something in a slightly difficult place and you finally get there. Even Dan was rooting for me in the end. Every now and then, “Oh, don’t fall off now!” It’s a lot of fun.


Right, you are, Venra Dewflower. Right, you are.

Curiouser and Curiouser!
"I am exactically three inches high, and it is a very good height indeed!"

“I am exactically three inches high, and it is a very good height indeed!”

I finally found the little cave I’d seen mentioned in which you had to enter by eating a mushroom to shrink yourself down to the right size and my little Alice in Wonderland obsessed brain actually exploded a little. I have a little collection of Alice in Wonderland books so you can imagine my glee upon entering and seeing giant Aurin coming towards my teeny tiny little Aurin, and the caterpillar (or “hookah snorting splorg”) and and..


Excited bounce Look who he’s having tea with!!

Anyway, so then I left and spent some time bouncing around on magical floating mushrooms to catch fireflies (who designed that feature? C’mon, fess up!) and realised I’d been so sidetracked by challenges and Explorer missions and awesome little easter eggs that I hadn’t gained a level in the two hours I’d been online for.


This is what happens on an RP server’s zone chat when somebody tries, “WoW first MMO!”

I started back on my challenges and quests and things around this point. Well.. I was queuing for a pvp match while questing but a challenge started which obviously means: ignore pvp – challenge accepted!! Soo… the pvp never happened because mid-challenge a zone-wide message popped up about a raid boss appearing and zone chat became, “Anybody want to do the thing?” Which then became this poor boss’s name for the rest of the evening.


He was pretty tough, which was actually awesome. We all really enjoyed the challenge but it was generally acknowledged that somebody had pulled him before we had a full group so we couldn’t get him down enough and then I met my new favourite insult:


I love this server.

Eventually ‘the thing’ died, I still didn’t reach level 10, and I took my first taxi to Thayd, the Exile’s city.


It’s actually a taxi!

For the Undecided

If you’ve been looking at WildStar and umming and aahing, here is a “How Not to be Scared of Trying WildStar(aka WildStar for dummies) post.

Aaaand launch day trailer which.. awesome!

Nexus. It’s a good place to be. 🙂