Tonight I decided to take a little break from WildStar. I’ve got a few new games on Steam, plus Simmy has an active guest pass for The Secret World so I’d said I would keep her company one evening so tonight I did. A break never did anybody any harm anyway.. twitch

I’d popped in a couple of days ago to say ‘ello to Malbec and remind myself how the heck to play my Secret World character, and it seems I’d got through Kingsmouth and onwards to The Savage Coast. So here I was, at the Overlook Motel, rummaging around with actually-quite-scary hellspawned demon things and trying to close rifts and…


Random door. The Secret World players of you are probably giggling at my amusement over this lone door in the middle of room 13 at the motel, and yes I know exactly what it is, but still.. random door. And I noticed music emanating from it? shrug Weird door!


Just a bit of casual necromancy-or-something. Your average Monday night.

I went on to die a bunch, as is usual for me in this game because it’s pretty tough, plus I was trying to remember how to effectively play it, and then I got lost. So that was new. Kind of.

I knew I needed to head to New York, but at first I thought maybe there was something around the town I was in… but nope. So then I just ran around aimlessly hoping to remember how to get to “the portal hub place” when I finally remembered I had a port in my inventory the entire time. Then I ran around dumbly trying to work out which portal took me to New York, and I tried running into a portal I hadn’t unlocked yet a lot and.. then I found it and felt a bit stupid..


But man isn’t it pretty?

Anywho, I ran around New York for a good hour. Half exploring, half aimlessly-trying-to-find-my-quest-sewer-grate. As you do. It was my first time there as I’m a Templar (REPRESENT) and I apparently tried to run into the Illuminati base, which was met with a firm “Nope!” from the invisible doorway, then ran around poking the citizens and trying to find the shops and looking for an appropriate spot for a Sting reference…


I wanted to get the bridge in there but this pretty much rocks it, in my humble opinion.

Eventually I found my sewer grate, decided the puzzle was meant for another time as it was getting on a bit, and headed off.

All in all, I do love this game. I have a fondness for anything supernatural and the dark fantasy genre is just.. mwah! Love it. Besides that, the combat style, ability wheel (both of which I believe a certain space MMO may have taken a little nod towards), difficulty level, and of course, the story, are all excellent. I just wish the world didn’t feel so empty.. but I would very much like to work my way through the story to get myself to a point wherein I’m able to give the grouped instance content a poke because it sounds wonderfully insane.