I was casually working through my quests last night, trying to catch up a little on my quest log, doing a few with a (future..) guildy which was excellent fun.. especially the part where my game froze up and when I logged back in I was a few feet away from where I’d logged out. Apparently I “Matrix hopped” across the air. Oh the things us Aurin ladies get up to.

Anyway so he went to bed eventually and I carried on. I tend to follow map zone chat when our circle goes a little quiet because on Lightspire it’s just full of lovely people and interesting, funny conversations. I saw one person ask if any RP was going on and had to do a double take when the reply came back because for a second, I thought I’d replied but no, it was Jaedal. So I commented as such and well.. one thing led to another and we ended up meeting up and forming some kind of crime fighting duo to help those in need of group quests: Team JaeJae!! Yes, zone chat was inundated with this for quite a while. It was amazing.

The Jaecave – coming soon to a skyplot near you.