Inspired by Belghast’s Rather Strange Day, I thought you might like to hear a little about my Sunday as it was quite the opposite!

Afternoon Tea

I was in two minds about going along to have afternoon tea with the ladies from the charity shop as not only are they not within my age group.. more my dad’s, really, I’m also very new to the shop, I was exhausted after finally waking up in the am after a week of bizarre insomnia (one night not sleeping until gone 9am for crying out loud..) – bizarre because I don’t suffer from insomnia and I couldn’t really place the cause, and on top of all of this, I’m incredibly shy in the real world. I occasionally suffer from social anxiety and this often gives me pause as my brain tells me that I’m only being invited to things because the person/people involved want to be polite. So I thought it’d be nice to stay home, let them have their fun, and play some WildStar. But no, I’m in a good place mentally right now, so I went along.

Dan had made this ganache cake for me to take along, he’s so good at those. They have a biscuit base, with homemade ganache. Mmm.. so good. And this time he included passionfruit in the ganache. Guys. Seriously. This cake is to die for. I love it so much. And you should have seen the ladies’ reactions. They were in love.

I got there around 4pm and we had some sandwiches and quiche (fun fact: first piece of quiche I’ve EVER eaten!). Our host asked us every 5 minutes if we had enough, if we wanted any more to drink, any tea, coffee, prosecco.. Haha.

There was lots of chatter, which I mostly sat listening to. It was nice, you know? I’m a very quiet person, really. Sure I like a natter but I’m quite happy to sit listening in a group of people. I love to hear people talking amongst themselves and having fun and these ladies have led very interesting lives! There was talk of one lady who’s lived all over the world, she had stories of Egypt, and then back to Wales to talk of the Tudor connection in Lamphey Palace.. loved it. Stories of dirty weekends, another going on holiday pretending to be a lesbian couple for the week, another couple who went to the ballet and got up to hijinks in the hotel. I don’t really have many stories to share but I love hearing them so much.

Well, half left a little after cake. We had strawberries and cream, coffee and walnut cake, and Dan’s passionfruit ganache, it was awesome. Then three of us sat around chatting for a few hours about all sorts of things. Breaking Bad, the local drug culture, homophobia and transphobia, WildStar (well.. more me telling them what it is!), all sorts, and before we knew it it was 9pm and we trotted off home. It was such a good evening, though. And it’s so refreshing to hear the older generation talking about equality and making the most of life, really is.

And Then Off To Nexus

Well I’ve been listening to some music this morning and this song just made me think of WildStar. It’s such a lovely song I’d love to make a video of gameplay footage along to it if copyright wasn’t such an issue. However I can share it and talk about my evening.

When I got back home I logged into WildStar promptly. I finished up in Everstar Grove and made it to the next zone, the first thing I came across was this:


The Queen keeps a female consort who is seen here doting on her Queen and looking after her because she is genuinely worried. It’s sweet, and such a simple thing to add to a game I don’t see why there needs to be such hullaballoo over it, you know? It doesn’t directly say whether or not she is a romantic interest, but it doesn’t say that she isn’t, either. I, for one, really like this. In fact, I’ve just had a little read of this wiki page which has made me love the Aurin even more.

“Aurin are a matriarchal society, up to the physical differences between genders. Females are much taller than males, and only certain females are able to interact with Primal Energies and “the Weave” to form the spiritual connections necessary for their survival and development. These individuals are called Matriarchs.

Males have more varied fur colours than the females. They are the only ones with speckled patterns, two or more different tones, and faded tips. They have also been noted to be “scrappier” and more aggressive than the females.”

After a few initial quests and path things, I took a ride on a forest giant and made it to Woodhaven. Cue jaw on floor.


It’s such a pretty place, and the music is lovely. I can’t wait to get into housing if I can have anything as fun and colourful as this! I had a little hop around but it was getting late so I logged off and let Dan have a go with a Warrior (note to account friends: if you see me online as “Ryyu”, it’s Dan, not me).

Also? I want this guy as a minipet. I would call him Hoot.