Finally met up with Missy ingame last night, Aurin big sis and future neighbour extraordinaire. I was doing an Explorer mission where I needed to activate this orange panels and bounce up a big old tower thingy but they kept timing out on me and when I got stuck halfway up with the option of teleporting back to Sylvan Glade or plummeting to my death, I cried out for help in our circle to re-activate the console and Missy came to my rescue. Amusingly, to me anyway, it took us a moment to find each other because I seemed to be on top of some random rubble that Missy was underneath so there was a “running into each others arms” moment and then we had a little celebratory dance. Except.. well.. Missy evidently got a little overexcited. ws_missytimes ws_missytimes03 And Jaejae a little overly attached. ws_missytimes02 After a while of crying with laughter (seriously, I was wiping tears) and being unable to breathe, we had a few nice screenshot moments.. ws_missytimes04 And continued on our merry little ways. This is around the time I accidentally spent 95 silver on a new hat. grumble At least it’s cute.. ws_hat01 By the end of my playtime, I’d finished my holograph quest to unlock my 24 hour teleport to Thayd, as well as my Thayd Explorer missions, levelled to 14 (housing, woo!), and rolled a Dommie Esper alt on Ascendancy to play with a friend in future. ws_dommieesper01

Addon Corner

I did get talking about the mods I’m using last night, so figured I’d share what I’m using with you guys, incase there’s anything you might want to pick up as well. @vitaemachina shared this epic Reddit thread on addons, which is incredibly informative, thus I am passing it on to you, and of course, Kadomi’s post is also a good starting point. These go into more depth on how to install and what else is available. But I’m personally using (with curse links):

  • EzMessenger – Instant messenger addon which I’ve found very useful for keeping track of whisper-conversations and easily replying to account whispers. I don’t think it has guild/circle support, however, which I’d like to see.
  • EzSocial Bar – Adds a little bar telling you how many friends and guildies are online, with notification sounds.
  • IconLoot – Improved loot notification display – good for keeping much better track of what you’re looting.
  • Jabbithole client – Like the wowhead client, it gathers data for the Jabbithole database. I always like to help if I’m able.
  • JunkIt – Automatically vendor junk and repair – with options to turn off auto repair, and set up which items you view as being junk.
  • LocalTime – Because I lose track of time so easily I absolutely have to be a clock watcher.
  • NavMate – Adds co-ords, easier tracking of tradeskill nodes, journals, datacubes, allows waypoints, adds taxi locations to the map, with the option to mute the taxi driver (not that I would, I love him).
  • RareTracker – I’m a fiend for rares when I get going so I like to be able to easily keep my eye out.
  • ReloadUI Button – Adds a button, saving you from typing out /reloadui every time. I’ve been having issues with framerate drops (memory leaks?) so finding this very handy.
  • WhisperAlert – Customise sounds and enable pop-ups when you receive a whisper to hopefully avoid missing them.
Inactive (due to errors)
  • BetterQuestLog – Arranges quests in the quest log by zone – very handy.
  • ItemPreviewImproved – Allows you to actually preview multiple items simultaneously from inventory, auction house, chat links, quest rewards.
Not Yet Tried (but plan to)
  • Athena – Improvements to the default crafting grid. As I haven’t started crafting yet, I’m not sure how much I’ll need this, but sounds very helpful.
  • BuffMaster – Buff/debuff/cooldown bar. I haven’t yet used it, it sounds useful, but time will tell.
  • CollectAllCash – The mailbox needs a “loot all mail” button for sold auctions. This gives this button.
  • GalaxyMeter – So that I can track how well I’m deepsing, or how poorly, and work on improving.
  • Greedy – Automatically roll greed on items you can’t use, I’m sure I set this one up but haven’t noticed it working yet.
  • Grid – I presume this is very similar to the WoW version, basically unit frames with mouseover targeting features, handy for healer types.
  • Healie – “Smart-target assistant” – I don’t know but it sounds helpful.
  • ImprovedChatLog – Replaces the default font with a more readable version and fixes a few bugs.
  • MissionDistance – Adds the distance to your path missions in the console. I quite like to do these as I’m questing so it’d be nice to see what’s nearby as I’m roaming.
  • PurchaseConfirmation – Does what it says on the tin.. should avoid any future hat-related disasters.
  • RestXPReminder – Adds a button to the game exit menu to teleport to your house. I shall be trying this one now that I’m finally level 14.
  • Slashlist – Adds a /slashlist command to display every slash command ingame. Haven’t had need of it yet but could be handy.
  • ThreatMeter – I’ve not used one of these in years but as a dps, as it’s quite popular I’m guessing it might come in useful soon.

Of course, at the moment, everybody is focused on levelling up and enjoying the new shininess, so give it some time and mods that won’t be updated will die out, mods with errors will receive more regular updates, and new mods will pop up. I’m quite often checking Curse for newly added/updated addons and I’m excited to see what the mod community comes up with in time. Which mods are you guys using?