It is the 5th August and I still haven’t posted anything on any one of my five blogs, much to my own dismay. I’ve been desperately wanting to join in with Blaugust (because I love community events and Belghast) but recently just haven’t had the drive and motivation to sit down and write anything more than around 140 characters long.

I checked Bel‘s prompts and nothing really clicked. I pondered what I’ve been up to, and while I’ve been enjoying myself, I haven’t had much to say short of, “These things I’ve been up to are good. I like them. Bye.” And even my draft posts are a stream of things I’ve meant to post and never quite gotten around to, including, but not limited to:

  • 30th June: Steam Summer Sale 2014
  • 23rd June: My snail-paced levelling in WildStar and why I’m so self conscious about it. (I have since cancelled my subscription, same day as Missy, coincedentally.)
  • 17th June: Rowsdowser Rabble
  • 29th May: The Tyrian Tourist
  • 25th May: Blizzard, We Have to Talk
  • 14th April: RIFT’s Wonderful Menagerie

I had plans for these drafts, some of them are even written up just needing a few images and some TLC but are no longer relevant. Some I could pick back up, perhaps. I just don’t seem to have the drive right now and forcing myself to write when I have nothing to say and no desire to just puts me in a bad mood for some reason.


Any ideas, folk? I’m not necessarily trying for daily posts and I’m happy to stretch my legs and write about non-gaming topics. I want to pick my book blog back up, also. How can I stir up the passion and motivation once again? What kind of schedule could I try for?