Radio silence on the Dragons & Whimsy front for a fair while. I know, folk. It’s been a busy old December dealing with a little depression, travelling back to Leicester to be with my family for a week for my nanny’s funeral, coming back and doing some post-birthday celebrations and Christmas preperations, then having my dad visit for a week over Christmas.. by the time New Year’s had passed I was completely mentally exhausted! I spent a few days playing games and doing a few other bits and bobs so now it’s time to get the blogging rolling again. No more excuses or can’t be bothereds.

The Sad Part

irlland_nanny01I’ll begin with the funeral. It was sad, very sad. But at the same time it was so lovely. My nanny had it in her will that she didn’t want any religion so the family booked what is called a Celebrate, my auntie wrote a beautiful eulogy, many tears were shed and Neil Diamond songs played.. and afterwards we chatted and played (skittles) at the wake and stayed on for a meal. It was a fantastic goodbye to a wonderful lady, I think we did her proud.

I saw my family a lot that week as well, which was lovely. I’m 230 miles away from most of them, and further from others (my auntie, uncle and cousin are in various parts of Canada), so it was really nice to get to spend time with them.

My other half’s nanny passed away, also, shortly before Christmas so we still have that funeral to come (on the 9th) which will be pretty tough so I may be a little quiet for a little longer but bear with me, I have plans here.

Dormant Hobbies


When we were going through my nanny’s stuff, I claimed her sewing box. It’s a nice little thing full of cottons, pins, needles and other bits and bobs so I figured it’d be useful. Little did I know, my dad’s cushions were dying a slow death so I offered to sew the case up for him while I was there. I did that and got the bug.. I remembered how much I love sewing things and then I recalled my love of cross stitch from my pre-teens back when my school had a sewing club and now I feel I need to get back into that particular hobby. I have ideas for a few projects and if it works out I’d definitely be interested in setting myself up a little side thing on Etsy. I’m not sure when I enjoy so much about seeing a bunch of stitches become a beautiful image but I do enjoy it so that’s that.



I haven’t read much at all in the past year. I think I finished 2014 on 4 or 5 books read and I’ve been slowly trudging my way through Words of Radiance. Well. I say trudging. It’s effing amazing but I’ve barely been reading so it’s taking me months.

Finally, the other night, I went to bed to read and got to a really good bit and I’m now getting very close to the end! I’d really like to read more this year.. I miss my book blogging friends and I’ve got so much to read. I just don’t know how I’m going to fit it in with my plans to get back into blogging and stitching, then of course there’s my gaming which is still going strong. I shall see how it goes but I totally intend to blog here about books either way.

Gaming Part Lacking Suitable Subtitle

Of course I’ve been gaming. My MMOing has mostly consisted of hopping in and out of a few games, namely World of Warcraft, Rift, Guild Wars 2, and Marvel Heroes 2015, purely to claim daily items and do any missions. I’ve also been trying out a free-to-play MMO called Onigiri which I’m hoping to review at some point, though I’m not 100% sure which format that will take yet, but I have a bunch of notes!

I’ve also played through Octodad, which I adored. Such a fun little game. I picked up Theme Hospital very cheap from Good Old Games which has been an incredibly fun nostalgia bomb. I’ve finally started playing Orcs Must Die which is crazy fun. And last but not least, finally playing through Dragon Age Origins. I’ve been meaning to for, well.. years. And moreso recently with Inquisition releasing, so figured it’s about time I just went for it and I’m loving the story, and certain ahem followers. 😉

As for the F2P Project I’ve mentioned in the past, I have been maintaining a spreadsheet of all of the Free Multiplayer Online PC Games I’ve been able to find, and I created a Twitter list for free-to-play games, companies, fansites, reviewers, and bloggers. These have taken up a lot of time and effort to set up so if you use them at all, please do give credit. However, you are free to use them! I’m finding them a very useful source, personally, and I’m finally happy to share these with you. Suggestions welcome also.

I’ll leave this post here as I’m going on a bit now but yeah. Stayed tuned, folk. I’m determined to discipline myself to blog more regularly. About all sorts of things. But before I go, please let me know what you’ve been up to over December and the New Year?