Last night, we recorded the first episode of the all new Contains Moderate Peril podcast featuring myself and Pam. It’s always interesting talking to this lot because somehow, they are able to share their honest opinions while remaining classy (for the most part). The only problem is – do we all agree on the topics we discuss? Or is there a chance we’re holding ourselves back? Roger has said that: “this will be more of an issue related show, rather than a focus on specific games and movies [and] I’ve always favoured commentary and debate of topical points.” With this in mind, we’re wanting to converse on various topics and expand into informed discussion and debate. That is what Contains Moderate Peril would like to do and we can do that in an adult fashion. I absolutely agree with Roger’s view from yesterday on whether we have a consensus in the gaming community, or if perhaps we have a “reluctance to engage, as well as the refusal to acknowledge that one may be wrong.”

Love me

I will be the first to put my hand up and admit that I am guilty of this. As human beings, we have this need to feel as though we are right, and a need to feel as though we are liked. If we don’t put forward potentially controversial opinions then we don’t risk offending people and resultingly becoming disliked. And after all, a lot of us like the comfort that the overall community gives us. It’s basic psychology, really, and personally I think it all comes into Murray’s system of needs which accepts that we all have different “unconscious psychogenic needs” and behaviours based on personality, and these often have crossover points.

But that’s not to say that we fit into a ‘type’ and have to stick there. What if we can have reasoned shared opinions and debate despite our internal need not to offend or be offended? It’s absolutely possible to put forward an opinion in such a way that we’re not picking on each other and saying things for the sake of dissent. We’re all adults here and have the ability to read somebody’s opinion, disagree, share our own opinions, agree to disagree and continue on with our lives. I’d like to think that we all (or if not, at least the vast majority of us) have the ability to recognise where the line is and not need to breach it for the sake of it.


So let me put this to you, dear readers. Can you say that you honestly and 100% truthfully put forth your opinions when sharing with others? Or do you hide behind this reluctance to engage, fearful of offending others and causing dissent against yourself? Perhaps we could all do with a little more friendly banter, livened discussion, and mature debate on the topics we’re all so passionate about.

I for one will definitely struggle to overcome the internal filter, but at the very least, I vow to try.

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