Insanity is the theme of the day and wow, Wednesday was a tad crazy, was it not? Continuing on from yesterday’s insanity (it was up to $8,093 per month in yesterday’s post), Blizzard Watch‘s Patreon is now fully funded at $12,281.69 per month (time of writing)… I’m am just absolutely bloody flabbergasted.. According to their milestone goals, $8,000 brought them back fully operational with all the regular news and updates readers have come to expect. $9,000 would bring back the class columns they had to cut after their budget was slashed last year and $10,000 would allow them to expand on these columns, allowing them to post more frequently and with more content. Finally, $12,000 was their top milestone goal, letting them expand even further into other Blizzard games (such as recruiting a Hearthstone columnist), even more content, and jut go the full 9 yards, generally. They have achieved all of these and the funding is still ongoing so here’s to hoping Blizzard Watch can be all that its staff wants and then some.

Then there was the news from Humble Bundle, who have a pretty awesome Star Wars Bundle up for grabs at the moment raising money for UNICEF through Force For Change, and in a single day they have already passed $1million.. in one day. In fact, at the time of writing? They’re past $2million. That’s nuts guys. A round of applause for all gamers who have put even as little as $1 into this!

My lovely gaming community over at Gamemerse are going strong as ever and several improvements have been going out on the site including a Media Gallery, the addition of Twitter bbcode which nice and simply allows the insertion of Twitter statuses like the Humble Bundle one above, Supporter Rewards for the fantastic people who are able to donate to the growth of Gamemerse through Paypal or Patreon (slightly easier goals to reach than Blizzard Watch’s, thankfully), and some fun new trophies earned through Gamemerse activity! There’s more on the way in future, it’s going to be good. Please do go ahead and sign up, say hello, and get involved. It’s a community of warm, welcoming gamers of all types and we’d love to have you.

Love Around Eorzea

I came to the realisation yesterday that I haven’t gamed a lot since the FFXIV free weekend ended so I sat down and thought on what I felt like playing and resoundingly, I kept coming back to FFXIV. I’m so happy to be poking around with Bel‘s lot, even if my current sleep schedule means they tend to be sleeping and/or working when I’m able to play, but it’s cool. There’s still the weekend and I still have my original character on Odin EU if I get lonely. I just need to poke a certain somebody for some Cake action, is all.

I seem to have returned in time for Valentione’s so time to get myself an adorable little chocobo hat!!

It’s Time to Talk, Time to Change

Time to be a little more serious for a moment.

Time to Talk

Perhaps most importantly of all today, 5th February, is Time to Talk day. Mental Health awareness is very near and dear to my heart and the Time to Change campaign has really helped me to break the shackles of stigma and talk about my issues with people. Not in an annoying “woe is me” kinda way, but just keeping things very matter-of-fact, after all, while I am not my mental illness, my mental illness is a part of me and I am not ashamed of it. I suffer from depression, anxiety, and dermatillomania (which I’ve only very recently realised I have, though I’ve had it since I was about 13.. sigh.).

In adopting this attitude, I’ve found myself able to cope much better (though not as well as I’d like) and I expect it helped me when I went for CBT sessions in the Autumn because I was already open to the idea that mental illness doesn’t make you a freak, it is simply a thing that happens and it’s actually quite normal.

Perhaps most importantly, I like to think that with being so open about it all, I’ve opened a few eyes and removed a little stigma from the world. I know for a fact that by being open, I’ve been able to help my dad understand what mental illness is and what it means and I have found him becoming very understanding and even recognising it in others and being angered by stories in the news without having them pointed out to him, which is amazing to me. I love my dad.

There is one video I always refer to when trying to explain depression to people, and that is the Black Dog video. I will put a trigger warning on this one because it’s very accurate and if you have trouble with depression, be aware of that. It can set me off when I get watching but that’s the effect a good video can have. Will you pledge to talk today?

Happy Thursday, peeps!