I’ve just spent way too long browsing Qwertee designs so I’m disciplining myself to get on this thing now.

In Which the Sandman Gives Up and Walks Off

Mmmm... Dean...

As you lot were pretty lovely in telling me that you enjoyed this format yesterday, I decided I would give it another go (I really do love you guys, by the way, a massive thanks for your support). I mean, what else are you supposed to do when your body decides that 5 hours sleep is enough and 2.30am is a great time to need a wee and something to eat? You turn on your PC to blog, right? Sounds sane to me. Oh sorry, did I say sane? I actually meant: Damnit, body! You could have at least waited a few more hours before that rude awakening, then I would have happily fed you coffee and snugged up in a fleecey blanket without the slight brain-fog I have now! Chances are, I’m going to need a nap today and me and naps just do not get along but hey ho, it’s all good right? I’ll still take this oddness over not being able to sleep until the sun’s already up. At least on this side of the sleep schedule I see some daylight and even the beauty that is the dawn light.

Wind the Bobbin Up

So right, yesterday I spent some time writing my blog post and then proceeded to finish off a post I’ve been working on for MMOGames. Along to some great music. I had an absolute blast and then I guess I spent a bunch of time chatting to folk on Twitter and Hangouts because aside from all the time I spent working out how to wind my new stash of embroidery threads (for cross stitch, yes) around cardboard bobbins, I can’t really pinpoint what I did yesterday. I only spent about half an hour in Guild Wars 2 because I found myself nodding off all too early in the evening for my liking, so I certainly didn’t game. The joys of having to live with concentration and short term memory issues, I suppose. Well, we did go to a local café to get a coffee once I’d finished my writing. Except by that point I was ready for lunch so in lieu of coffee I had a sausage and onion baguette and it was delicious and aren’t you jealous? You are. I know it.

In fairness, you can perhaps forgive me for the excitement of new threads overtaking the rest of yesterday’s memories because just look at these things!! So many.

Many threads, handle it

There should be around 400-odd skeins in that big wad, and they cost next to nothing. Sure, they’re perhaps not as good quality-wise as DMC or Anchor threads but as a starter bundle they’re perfect. I even started on winding the bobbins while chatting and watching some stuff on 4od. It was actually quite satisfying, especially when I defeated this ‘little’ mess..

I may have a problem here...   OH HELP IT GOT WORSE!!

Say Hello Goodbye

In other news, yesterday was Massively, WoW Insider, and Joystiq’s final days and finally could tell their readers just what’s next for the enthusiast blogging sites. WoW Insider will now be known as Blizzard Watch and at time of writing, their Patreon is up to $8,093 per month. That is insane. And awesome. So very awesome. I had to go digging a little for Joystiq’s plans as I don’t tend to follow them at all, but it seems they are being enfolded into Engadget to be known as Joystiq X Engadget. And Joystiq themselves absolutely win the award for perhaps the most bizarre news post I have ever read.. Last but not least, Massively. One of my favourite sources for MMO news and articles.. will forthright be known as Massively Overpowered (while at the time of writing, this link doesn’t seem to lead anywhere and there’s no crowdfunding option available, I’m sure that will be only a matter of time) and we can find them on Twitter, Facebook, the Twitch, and of course, on their new-but-not-quite podcast. I for one am glad to see everybody land on their feet and I hope to see only expansion and improvements from all in the future.

So just what does one do at almost-6am when ready to start the day but still a little tired? I am getting ready to pop in a sub for FFXIV.. but I would like to level my ESO character a little too. What to do what to do.. First thing’s first, I should title this post.