Hey folk. Apologies for my quiet the past week! With being busy with E3 stuff, getting hooked on Old Man’s War, and the issues my blog had a few days back I’ve just not had the chance or energy to blog. However, I’ve signed up for hosting with the wonderful Safe Shark so really.. this quick blog post is to let you guys know that tomorrow night (June 17th) Dragons & Whimsy will be down for a little while as the move is made and the domain is redirected. What’s more is there will be a new domain though don’t panic just yet as I have jaedia.net until some time this autumn.

tumblr_mb5d0tpbMl1rzgn53o1_500I’d also like to take this time to thank my dear friends Lew and Reliq who hosted me for free for the past few years. Neither of you had to but it really means a lot to me that you did it. See you on the other side, peeps!

There really is a Supernatural gif for everything

There really is a Supernatural gif for almost every situation