Friday 26th June 2015 was a great day that really made me proud to be a human being.

First off, I’m getting my head down and working on pushing out Beta Data and all of the other fun Friday stuff at MMOGames when somebody shared a tweet on our Slack saying that gay marriage has been made legal in all 50 states. WOW. I have not shared my opinion on this yet, I mean.. I guess I don’t need to. I’m not a bigot so why reiterate what others have already said? I just wanted to talk a bit about the support everybody has been showing following this ruling with Twitter avatars becoming rainbowified and the “LoveWins” hashtag popping up, even companies and studios rainbowifiying themselves. It’s uplifting to see so much support. And what’s more, the reports of elderly gay and lesbian couples finally getting married after all this time together. It’s amazing. It really is. And the fact that it’s not just one state at a time but ALL 50 is astounding.

It is a thing that has been a long time coming and all human beings deserve the fundamental right to love each other and show that love. I’m so glad that so many countries are getting this ruling through in this day and age. There is still a long way to go, sure, but any victory for equality is a win. I think Phil DeFranco said it best, though:


I ended up spending my evening just chatting on Twitter, for the most part. I was extraordinarily tired and I saw friends were not having the best time and while I was much too tired to really be able to correctly word what I wanted to say, I knew she needed some serious support (don’t we all sometimes?) and I’ve been there. It really sucks feeling so alone and ignored, whether you are or not. So I did the only other thing I could think of and tweeted out in the hope of a few hugs and the response just warmed my heart. A whole bunch of wonderful human beings responded with hugs and kind words and I am so thankful that people like you exist. Keep on being awesome.

Have a fantastic Saturday, people!