It’s Sunday once again and I’ve been hard at work. Well, I rang both parents and spent a fair while adding blogs to the blogroll in my sidebar. I severely missed being able to take a quick glance in my sidebar to see who has posted most recently so I’ve gone all out and got a big old list sorted by most recent which I will add to and update over time.

That isn’t all that has changed, however. I got a new theme! If you’re reading in a reader, click through to see. I quite like it. What do you think? Personally, I’m not fond of the colour scheme. Too much grey and red for my tastes and I need to fiddle with CSS to sort that out which is difficult as I don’t have ftp access to my blog’s database as I’m hosted by a friend at present and I don’t know CSS. However, I love the use of space, the look of the front page in general, the featured slider, the sidebar and nav bar.. I like a lot more than I dislike, whereas the last theme I got bored of its use of space and had a pretty large ‘meh’ feeling over the entire theme.



Speaking of newness (or not… really.. ) – I have never seen Star Trek.

The-Man-Trap-star-trek-the-original-series-19286730-694-530Yes yes *gasp* etc. So as I’m so esconced in this “fantasy in space” mood at the moment, I spent last night watching Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope while playing WildStar and today I watched both the pilot and the first episode (or second, if you believe Netflix) of the original Star Trek series. It was sexist, cheesy, and hammy but all in all it’s a lot of fun. It really reminded me quite a bit of the old Doctor Who and certainly has its charm.

This episode had way too many fun moments not to pictorise - it was called "The Man Trap" people!!

This episode had way too many fun moments not to pictorize – it was called “The Man Trap” people!!

One mistake I made, however, was asking where to begin with the franchise on Twitter. *ducks* Yes, yes, I know. Trekkies are an odd mix and I shouldn’t have done that but in my defense I directed my question at Roger and Ardua and suddenly it felt like the entire Twitterverse was chiming in and I’m fairly sure I was told to start everywhere. And I mean everywhere. I’m pretty sure I was informed to start everywhere but the comics (are there comics? I’m sure there must be comics). So naturally I went with my gut instinct and the first answer I received: From the very beginning. It will be a slow burner, for sure, but a small pleasure to watch when I want something fun while doing more menial tasks and this way I get to watch chronologically which is my preference. Hurray!


ws_farsidebiome4In WildStar, as I previously mentioned, I finished up Biome 4 in Farside which is the zone I quit in. Can you blame me? It’s quite brown and I think the scorpions peed me off way too much. That and several other factors.. I think I was burnt out from forcing myself to level and feeling the pressure from guild.

Speaking of, a few people have mentioned to me about my comments on feeling frustrated with playing catch up in Final Fantasy XIV. The fact is, I was forcing myself to work on the main story quest to obsession and I found myself resenting the whole process. I’m not necessarily behind in a level sense, and dungeons don’t bother me in the slightest, but in a story sense I am flagging and there isn’t much to be done to get me caught up there. There will still be way too much quest text to read through and zone jumping (which is something I despise more than anything) and very little other time to spend exploring with side quests and FATEs and just everything else that the game has going for it. At this point, I’m somewhere around level 42 and on the level 31 part of the main story quest. I just don’t enjoy feeling forced to do something I don’t enjoy in order to do stuff I do enjoy when I can go elsewhere and get my enjoyment with none or less of the pain.

Yeah it sucks, but I’m gaming. Gaming is a hobby to be enjoyed and this is something I am determined to do.