I absolutely had a plan for today’s post and then suddenly it was 9pm and I was only just wrapping up with work. *sigh* Tomorrow, efficiency is the plan. But today, I need to talk a little bit of nonsense and honestly the only thing going through my head right now since closing down Twitter and all that noise about WoW’s massive subscription loss is…

I think this is my version of Homer Simpson’s brain.


I get tired and all logical thought processes are replaced with Katy Perry. I have no idea why, or how.. but there it is. Perhaps my brain is sub-consciously cheering on Blizzard? While some are decrying WoW dead, dying, or just severely lacking, my brain is trying to tell Blizzard to “show ’em what you’re worth, cus’ baby you’re a fiiirewooork!” I dunno. My brain is a very weird place sometimes, this is just one example of how that manifests.


Blaugust, Day 4 – Writing Prompt:

Do you have any little oddities when you feel absolutely pooped? Or perhaps you’ve done something bizarre while sleeping? Tell us a story!