Blaugust, day… what is it now? We’ve lost all sense of time here in the depths of space…

*wakes up*

Oh hi guys, you woke me up from a really odd dream. You were there, and you were… Too cliché? Sorry.

Well, I didn’t blog Sunday because YAWNING and yesterday I kinda absolutely forgot. I very almost didn’t post anything today due to apathy but I spontaneously fired up ye olde blog and started landing fingers on keys and then it was now. Cool story, huh?

It really has just been a mad few days. I was getting hella stressed last week while Gamescom was running, and stress affects me a lot, to the point that I have had to learn ways of trying to notice when I’m getting stressed and change course. Last week I couldn’t. So I ended up spending the entire weekend recuperating, and while on Saturday I “caught up” with Blaugust, Sunday I needed a lazy day. And oh my did Sunday go by slowly. I ended up finishing up watching Wet Hot American Summer (including the movie.. which I watched after the series..) just because I needed something brainless, while grinding a bit of XP in Rift.

See, this is what happens when you give me a black page and tell me to “just write whatever comes to mind”. I babble, and … literally don’t know how to finish that particular sentence. SEE! So instead, have some screenshots I’ve taken recently.


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