I think we all know somebody who, when you asked if they’ve seen a certain movie, you already know it was a waste of time asking before you start. In fact I seem to recall there being a YouTube series about this very thing. Well in my life, that person is me.

dean what-uh-excuse me-what

Until very recently, I was that person who had never seen Star Wars (just Episode VI to go now, guys!) or Back to the Future or The Fifth Element.. And you know what? I’m getting a bit bored of the “Wait, you’ve not seen that?!” reaction so I’ve come up with a little side project for myself as inspired by Shannon and Ardua.

You Haven’t Seen… ?!

So as well as stuff I’d like to watch myself, I figure I owe it to me to see what all the fuss is about with these so-called “must watch” movies. SO, I’ve got my handwritten list for random recommendations, and my imbd account set up with a whole bunch of films to get around to.. There’s way too many, and I’m in way over my head, and I don’t even care for movies that much, but I’m sure I can get some interesting blog content out of my first time watching movies I “should have seen by now” so boom. 😉

What are your recommendations for an anti-film-buff? Bearing in mind I heart fantasy and unique ideas and comedy and light-hearted stuff and drama.


Blaugust, Day 3 Writing Prompt:

Any movies you haven’t seen that people are often amazed by? Or on the other side of the coin, what movies are you amazed that people haven’t seen? Either or both. Go!