Hey folks! It has been a while, so I thought I should dust off the blog a little and stop neglecting it somewhat. No promises on regularity, as always, but my poor little blog was getting lonely over here!

The thing is, I haven’t been up to very much of consequence. There has been stress and depression and overcoming that. But that’s nothing new. I was ill for a little bit. Flu or mild sinus infection or something. I’m still a little sniffly now but it’s all good! Otherwise I’ve just been plodding along.

Recently in Gaming

BlizzCon 2015 has come and gone. Black Desert Online started their Alpha which I briefly checked out (and wrote a post on). I’ve played some SWTOR, making a new character – a Smuggler. I checked out Blade & Soul which was a pleasant surprise. I assumed I would have a similar issue to Tera where I can’t get past the character models but it seems that in Blade & Soul you can at least make your character as sexy, or not, as you like. So I ended up with this and actually, quite liked the results.


Plus the combat is damn fun. And I’ve been pootling around in WoW a bit, finally levelling my alts. My Priesty-Priest is now level 97 and I have my eye on the Death Knight, Mage, and Paladin next. But I’ve also been wrapping up some things on my Hunter, such as legendary progress, gold making, and a wistful sigh towards that gorgeous challenge mode bow (I NEED IT :'<) and the moose.

Crafty Ramblings

And over the past week, my brain has been with my cross stitching, and Christmas. I’m hoping to get the tree up very soon and I have a couple of gorgeous new ornaments from Etsy which I will hopefully show you guys when it’s up. But I gotta tidy and clean first.. aaand.. *ahem*

Then I’ve been flicking through my cross stitch magazines, of which I have a year’s worth of by now. I subscribed to Cross Stitch Crazy early last year, but I also have 3 issues of Cross Stitcher and 1 of The World of Cross Stitching as well. I was trying to make little contents pages for each one but I think I’ve decided that nah. I do need boxes though. I’m thinking storage boxes and just label them by month/year.

Interlude: I will not apologise for my obsessive organisation. I’m very messy and scatterbrained and organisation is a necessary evil to counter that.

I’ve also been poking around on YouTube and /r/crossstitch, and as such discovered a bunch of stitching tips and really, really great online shops I hadn’t heard of before with some gorgeous and cute and geeky and just fun patterns, as most I know of I discovered through my magazines. So I’ll pop links to those below if there are any crafty peeps reading this who’d like to know!

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery – cute, modern designs

Mirabilia Designs

Mirabilia Designs – Gorgeous patterns

Heaven and Earth Designs

Heaven and Earth Designs – Gorgeous, fantastical patterns

Daily Cross Stitch

Daily Cross Stitch – Cute, simple designs. Daily free charts, and a members-only area


CloudsFactory – Cute, modern, and nerdy designs

The Art of Stitch

The Art of Stitch – Some nice designs, also supplies

Other than that, I’m just looking towards Christmas. I’m still at MMOGames as EU News Editor, so spend a fair bit of time working there on various tasks. I have my birthday in a week (December 7th!) so that’s one year closer to 30. We’re planning to have friends over and enjoy some noms, so I’m looking forward to that. And in the meantime, I’ll be playing a little WoW and working on a couple of Christmassy cross stitch projects! I picked up this adorable little pattern from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery.


‘A Very Merry Christmas Town’ from The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery

I just need the fabric for it (they recommend 28 count Crystal Cashel in ‘Arctic’ which is a really gorgeous, North Pole kinda fabric. So I need something similar that’s preferably available from a UK seller) and probably the DMC threads as the ones I own are super cheap. However, they do just fine for the gift tags I have planned which are supposed to have a slightly “rustic” feel so hopefully they come out well!

Alright, I’m going to head off now and play a little WoW. I’d like to run the Cataclysm raids today and perhaps work on Tanaan Jungle a little bit more as I’ve barely touched that zone. See you around!