I take a lot of screenshots. I am not alone in this. But did you know that I often upload some of my favourites to my albums over on Anook? I’ve found this a wonderful use for Anook and a great way to share images, but then you guys don’t necessarily see them and heck, my blog is paid for and gathering dust. Really, I’d like to incorporate an image gallery on this blog, similar to what Syl does (did?), but I have a lot of stuff to sort in the design and little time to do it (have I mentioned MMOWatcher?). For now, here are a small handful of screenshots I’ve taken recently that I wanted to share.


Blade & Soul

blade-and-soul_jaedia-stormblessed-assassin-jinI’m not playing Blade & Soul now. I checked it out when it launched, and it was a lot of fun, but it didn’t click. Maybe I found the combat too busy, or the game world hadn’t aged well enough. Either way, my little Assassin is perfect, don’t you think?


Elder Scrolls Online

ESO_glenumbra-atmosphere-fogI started taking environment shots for [a thing] and this was one of them. I love this gloomy, gothic area of Glenumbra.


ESO_jaedia-bosmer-wood-elf-nightblade-ranger-anchor-glenumbraAnd this was just a random shot I took. I was messing around with my camera and this one in particular was actually an accident, but I’m so happy with it.


Black Desert Online


Black Desert is so beautiful.. that rain.

black-desert-online-daum-games-eu-ranger-jaedia-low-level-mmorpg2My Ranger! I may have been watching Shannara Chronicles when I made her.. I like Elves at the moment. Regardless, she is my Jaedia for Black Desert, I’m not sure if she will be my main yet but I’ll start with her.


Final Fantasy XIV


No, I am not playing FFXIV again (at the moment), but I am currently subbed and when lovely guildie Conor decided to get married in game, I went along. Also, you know, my Odin EU Mi’qote is pretty.


I love this one for many many reasons. Number one, that look I’m giving the Man’qote like, “The fuck is coming out of his head..?” Number two, the two most adorable Lalafells I have ever seen! Number three, Cornilius and Elloa giving each other a look. Number four, dancing Moogles.


World of Warcraft

wow_seithir-ryyu-rippur_adventures-in-faff-mopSo I popped one of the timecards I grabbed around Christmas on my account over the weekend and I’ve been levelling my Shadow Priest, Seithir. Here we have Dan, me, and Rippur (a friend of ours) doing a random raid in Pandaria for gold? Mounts? Transmog? Teh lulz? Who knows, but I like this shot.

wow_shadow-priest_seithir-draenei_in-combat-mind-flayObligatory Mind Flay shot.