I love lists. Like a lot. Lists keep me sane and help me to focus. So err.. how on earth did I let myself completely forget about the Gaming To-Do List I put together from back in Blaugust? I thought after stumbling across my original Gaming To-Do List from Wrath of the Lich King WoW it might be nice to come up with a new list, but first, I shall go over what I set for myself back in August.

So I kept things relatively simple, which in theory is nice:

  1. Elder Scrolls Online – Reach level 15 on my Dragonknight. (I’ve still not reached level 8 on any of my characters but I’ve decided this is the one I want to level.) So I switched classes again and my Dragonknight is still level 8. BUT the character I switched to is almost level 15 and has explored a bunch of stuff, re-met up with Dumbledore, and ventured into Orsinium with the new guild I joined: Whitestar. I call that a win.
  2. Final Fantasy XIV – Continue on with the main story and reach the level 50 part. Hmm.. nope. I actually unsubbed for a while because I wasn’t playing and now I’m pondering playing my EU character a bit as well because 1. timezones, and 2. Whitestar (and timezones). But.. NA folk are also amazing so.. *hops from foot to foot* Plus, not a main game.
  3. Everquest 2 – Get to level 10. So far I’ve only put in one evening, so I’d like to get a bit further. This didn’t last. Next.
  4. Star Wars the Old Republic – Finish up in Coruscant and maybe start on another character to see how I like the other classes. Actually yes, I did this and ended up rerolling to one of the other classes I tried because the Consular was not clicking. However, Smuggler? Win! And she also made it past Coruscant, to Tython, in fact!
  5. Rift – Finally push my Mage to level 65 and then work on leveling my Rogue. Mage got to 65 so win, aaaaand then I quit. Like.. for good. I’ve had enough. I don’t like how cheap it feels or the movements Trion is taking… nope. Done.
  6. Fallout 3 – Get a bit further in the story. I’m currently in the technology museum. I think I died to a big dude and then got distracted and then Fallout 4 came out so this one is a nope. 😀
  7. Wildstar – I can’t remember what level I am so I’m going to go with ‘gain 5 more levels’. Didn’t happen.
  8. Life is Strange – Finish playing through episode one. Didn’t happen.


Free Agents

The Witcher – Play it already. I gave up and skipped ahead to Witcher 3. Haven’t got far but I’m going to call this one a win based on the fact that playing Witcher 3 was my point and I stopped being anal about it. xD
Dragon Age: Origins DLC – Play through it. I played a little more recently.. but nope.
Skyrim – Mod it. Play-through. Bahahaha nope. >.>


As we can see, listy not so effectivey.

However, I did outline my gaming plans for 2016 back in January and I am still on track with those! This is surprising, especially considering I said, “Chances are I’ll forget all of this in a week’s time,” and I was only half-joking, too.

SO. With that being said I shall continue on. If I actually bother with the list, I will consider sub-categories for games I focus more on. Until that time it stays generic.

Jaedia’s Gaming To-do List – February 21st, 2016:

So this time, less games.

  1. Black Desert Online – I have the Conqueror’s Pack and will be heading into Black Desert as of February 28th. Of course, I’ll be working when it opens up so I won’t be powering through like many will (not that that’s how I roll anyway). I am a little concerned that the PvP nature of the game will put too much pressure on me in the end but we shall see. I have my methods for enjoying MMOs in my own way and that is how I will be playing this one too. I’ll likely start with a Ranger and try other classes as the whim takes me. The only real goal I have here is to play maybe around 6 hours per week. More is fine. Hopefully it clicks with me.
  2. Elder Scrolls OnlinePlay a little more! I’ve been enjoying the Nightblade I’ve levelled up to 14 and I think I would like to curb my enthusiasm for exploring every tiny corner of Tamriel as I go and gather all of the things and focus (at least a little more) on levelling up, and less on fully experiencing. There is time for both and it will still be there once I get a little higher. I would also like to get myself a new headset as the mic on my current one doesn’t work so joining the guild for voice chat armed with a big bulky Blue Snowball is a little uncomfortable.
  3. World of Warcraft – I am somewhat surprised that WoW wasn’t on my August list but here it is now, and substantially smaller than the list I linked at the beginning of this post. I picked up a couple of 60-day time cards dirt cheap around Christmas so I’m using one of those right now and loving it a bunch. Current plans for WoW, generally speaking, are to gear my Priest up while completing her legendary ring, and level my Mage (90), and my Death Knight (90) up to 100, decide at last what to use the 90 boost I got with Warlords on (planning to use it on Argent Dawn Alliance-side), and make a little gold. I have other things I would like to do too, but this would get long if I get into them. Extension to this section can be my treat if I do well this time around. 😉
Free Agents

I’m just going to leave this one open. Recently, when I play a different game it is because I’m having a mental break and so I choose whatever fits my mood at any given time. So my Free Agent is my sanity.

Let’s see how this goes!