Hello again! Today I wanted to share with you all the new Discord server I’ve set up for the game blogging community. Discord has been picking up pace as a great tool for gamers. It’s got the real-time chat utility of IRC or Slack, along with a lot of the things that Slack also has going for it, with the addition of voice chat and the ability to show what game you’re currently playing and a pretty slick UI. It’s a really nice tool for gamers and I’ve been thinking recently about getting a server set up for game bloggers (any game, any genre), blog readers, and basically anybody that is involved in the community in some way. Content creators, friends, and fans. The point in this being to foster community, see if this tool is fit for our purposes, and just be generally more inclusive. I know there are Slack servers and forums around already but not everybody is involved in those.

Initially I put my feelers out, asking a few friends what they thought of the idea, and after a long conversation with one of them about community and events like the Newbie Blogger Initiative (which usually happens throughout May), I decided to just go for it. Folk who have no interest don’t have to join, but the blogging community on the whole is absolutely massive and I feel like Discord could be a fresh new thing for bloggers to use and maybe feel more energised and encouraged about blogging. There’s a shared web/desktop client and mobile app and it’s really easy to sign up for.

To begin with, there are no moderators. Well me but only because I set it up. However, I would like to promote a few mods based on a want to help bolster community on the Discord server, as well as keep things running smoothly. The invite link is permanent and unlimited, so we will likely need to keep an eye on troublemakers, but that’s something I’d like to do in the interest of keeping the server as open and inclusive as possible. After all, that’s the whole point of blogging, right?


A Few Ground Rules

I propose just a few rules. Nothing too much, just a few things to maintain the peace.

  • Debate is fine, just please watch your tone. We’re all bloggers and we all have our own opinions, but there is no need to insult others or make people feel uncomfortable. I think we all know where the line is and this should go without saying, but if there are any major problems and I’m not around, you’re always welcome to PM me on Discord, or anywhere else you might find me lurking.
  • Please keep controversial topics out of chat. We’re game bloggers, so unless it relates to gaming, there’s no need. Please keep things respectful. The point of this Discord is to foster community.
  • English in chat, please. Loophole: There is a channel for self-promotion and we do have multi-lingual folk, so if your content doesn’t happen to be in English, you may still “promote yoself”!

Um.. yeah that’s all I’ve got for now. It really shouldn’t need much, just common courtesy.

What Can You Do?

As I mentioned, promote your blog (or other content – podcasts, youtubes, streams, arts) in the respective channel. Feel free to introduce yourself and where we can find you, as well as your latest posts.

We’ve also got a channel for ‘shared topics’ as requested by Syl, so go ahead and share blog topic ideas in there for the whole community to get involved with if they wish. This is something the Blog Azeroth community always used to do and it was a lot of fun to see what different people came up with for different topics.

The general channel is for pretty much everything. Chatter, discussion, whatever you want. There’s also a suggestions channel for any ideas or feedback you may have and a voice chat channel, of which more can be added if there’s a need for them.

Vaelyos thinks we're a cult. Wolfy declared Tako Luka our dark god. I don't know what it is but it's too adorable not to share. Credit to Fureki. <3

Vaelyos thinks we’re a cult. Wolfy declared Tako Luka our dark god. I don’t know what it is but it’s too adorable not to share. Credit to Fureki. <3

Invite people, spread the word, and chat with folk in our shiny new Discord channel!