I have spent an inordinate amount of time procrastinating on writing this post today. No real reason for doing so, I knew the sooner I wrote it, the easier it’d be yet of course the shinies got in my way and now it’s 9pm so good job Jae! 

facepalm-embarassed-disappointed-disney-brave-mum Blaugust

The original plan was to write over my lunch break but a cross stitch magazine arrived so I ended up flicking through that and then working and.. [insert shitty excuses here]

There’s not even any reason for me to procrastinate, it’s just a thing that I do. But anyway.

Blaugust 2016

Belghast has called this the “Chill Blaugust” and I am so down for that. I’ve actually been considering making myself a little schedule to get me blogging again. Nothing too crazy because, after all, the reasons I slipped out of the habit of blogging still exist. I work full time, I’m tired a lot, and I have way too many hobbies (thankfully a good problem). However, it’s not like I don’t have time, I’m just not using it as productively as I could be. And really, bringing a semblance of ritual and habit into a blogger’s schedule is the spirit of Blaugust, right?

Personal Targets

I will not be blogging daily. I’ve tried doing it that way and it never sticks. I can manage a week or two, and then I miss a day and suddenly a month has passed. No. I think every other day is the best kind of schedule for me to stick to. That’s the kind of schedule I stuck to when I maintained my book blog, and also my World of Warcraft blog, and while my situation in life has changed quite a bit since those periods of my life, I suspect that reclaiming the chill-but-regular blogging regime will be the best course of action for me, personally. So I will be aiming to blog 3 times per week. I can blog more, I can blog less, but my goal is to make 3 posts per week, and fairly evenly spread out.

And I won’t just be blogging about video games. Nah, in all honesty, I’ve been playing games a lot less recently. I’m not bored of them or in a slump of any kind, I’ve just been working on my cross stitch projects, watching YouTube, fiddling with my blog design (like my new theme? I’m thinking of picking up the premium version, it’s pretty inexpensive! Yes the body font will be changed), and trying to find a way to get myself reading regularly again. One of the big parts of the latter goal is to get to bed before 10pm and as it’s currently 10.15pm (oh yeah, you read that right, there certainly was more procrastination), that hasn’t worked out so well for me tonight. Even so, every little bit read is a step towards getting hooked on a book and wanting to read more, even outside of bed times, so I’m giving it a go. Since I finally got myself a bedside table lamp after years of meaning to get one, and replaced all of my bedding with soft new stuff (that hurt the bank account..), this has been a much more appealing activity! Expect to see books, crafty stuff, life updates, music, TV, games, and all of that good geeky stuff that I spend my time doing. Those of you who follow my Twitter will be well used to all of this by now.

If I’m doing Blaugust, then you can too! I wanna see people blogging. It doesn’t have to be daily, it’s just nice to see a bustling community and Blaugust is the perfect opportunity to get back into things and meet new bloggers. So go sign up!


PS. My third article about returning to Guild Wars 2 went up on MMORPG.com today and it’s all about my adventures trying out the Revenant class with Shannon and Jonathan. Go read it! Next time, I think I’ll finally use the level 80 character boost I still have going unused, so anybody who wants to join me for some class testing and general Guild Wars 2 playing on EU servers is more than welcome to drag me in-game! It’s not really a game I enjoy on my own so I would love the company.

PPS. So Byx totally shared this with me and I left the tab open and it keeps making me jump so enjoy this fluffy kitty getting down to the funky beat or something.

PPPS. I think it’s my blogoversary this month?? Will be… 7 years since I initially started The Lazy Sniper. Will have to remember that, for once.