Ohai. It’s been a while. This is becoming a bit of a thing, isn’t it? The last time we bumped heads I told you that I would be picking up the blogging thing again and really going for it, bullet journal and all. I had plans to get back into something of a blogging schedule, pick reading back up, and try to just be more consistent in all areas, really. But here we are 6 months later, I’ve barely read anything, I haven’t been bullet journaling, and I definitely haven’t been blogging, so I’m thinking it’s time for a good old Dragons & Whimsy change up.

The first thing that comes to mind when I wonder what I can change to make the best use of my internet space is the words. By far, the biggest obstacle to getting me blogging has been my lack of motivation to write, and that’s ever so slightly detrimental to the whole point of blogging, right? But I miss it! I’ve been in such a great mood recently (for the first time in years, it’s actually amazing) and I have wanted to jump on the blog and share the things I’ve been passionate about so many times, I just really couldn’t be bothered to spend time writing, which has me feeling torn because I feel the need to have this space that is my own and create and share with all of you! So I had a chat with Wolfy who had an interesting idea; why not try sharing things more pictorially, the way folk do with Instagram and Pinterest and such, and that has piqued my interest somewhat.

I do not wear the cheese, the cheese wears me.

I’ve also had a think about the theme of my blog. I currently think of it as “anything goes”, for the most part, but it has refined down to “hobby and lifestyle”. Over the past year, however, I’ve been revisiting my pagan faith and finding things I really want to say about politics and because these can be quite controversial and divisive subjects, I’ve instead opted to stay away from them on the blog, but the thing is, they are important to me, and I think that going forward my focus will be more on “things I am passionate about”. I love spreading love and positivity, right? I have strong feelings about some things. There’s no reason I should leave this blog to gather dust when I can share things in all sorts of manners. Writing, images, sounds…

I’m still not 100% sure how I’d like to do this, so if you guys have any ideas or advice, please let me know! I really want to get back to sharing the good vibes and creating for you all, whatever form that might take. I do not expect myself to be as active as I once was, but I’d like to try. Creating is my bread and butter and having my own space to share my creations makes me so happy. I may go into the whys of this more at some point, but not right now.

Oh, and I’m thinking of doing yet another redesign. I’m in a bright, colourful mood right now and while I find the current layout calming and somewhat elegant, I have used this colour scheme for so long and I’m bored of it. I’m considering going for something more like my new Twitter header and I’ll probably find a new theme to go with it.

Anywho, I need to head to bed now. It’s good to see you again! Though a little strange to be working on something after so long away. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and seeing which direction I can go with this blog. See you soon!