LotRO Summer Festival: Drunken Shenanigans and Flower Ponies

I discovered the joy that is being completely hammered in Lord of the Rings Online while doing the Inn League pub crawl. That took me by surprise and included lots of estimation on where I was going and what I was clicking. Haha.

My Elven Loremaster flying a kite in The Shire. Soliloquy in 3… 2…

Here she is again… creating a “fountain” for some overheated patrons. Spitting. Yes, she is spitting. I HELPED!

Night time fireworks over the Party Tree.

LotRO may be a 10-year-old game, but hand on heart, it’s very rare that WoW gives me the same sense of “woah” that vistas like this give me in LotRO.

The Party Tree at sunset! I really do enjoy the English pagan feel of The Shire, particularly the Party Tree with its focus on a big, central tree, all the colourful ribbons and the partying, it’s just pleasant.

I got my flower pony tonight! I love this girl – sunflowers give me a happy, so carrying around a basket of them while jingling away is going to bring me lots of joy. Also, her default name is Sunny and I can’t bring myself to change it because that is just delightful. Now I can work on some of the other Summer Festival rewards. There’s another horse, some outfits, a few kites (they work as mini pets, for those of you who don’t play), and you know, I just really enjoy these quests. They’re quick and fun and feel Summery to me.

Dancing With Hobbits, step one.


I decided to give Lord of the Rings Online one more try back in April and I fell in love. I’m not sure why it never clicked with me before but this time fell into place so easily, but I’m glad it did because Middle-Earth is one of my favourite fictional worlds. Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter were my two favourite franchises when I was growing up so it means a lot to me, thus it always bothered me that I couldn’t connect with LotRO in the way I felt I should. And here I am enjoying the LotRO Summer Festival!

There are more screenshots in my Anook gallery if you want to see what else has caught my eye in LotRO.