It’s Been 6 Months, Time For a Change?

Ohai. It’s been a while. This is becoming a bit of a thing, isn’t it? The last time we bumped heads I told you that I would be picking up the blogging thing again and really going for it, bullet… Continue reading →

Blaugust: Let’s Do This

I have spent an inordinate amount of time procrastinating on writing this post today. No real reason for doing so, I knew the sooner I wrote it, the easier it’d be yet of course the shinies got in my way… Continue reading →

Discord: Game Bloggers Anonymous

Hello again! Today I wanted to share with you all the new Discord server I’ve set up for the game blogging community. Discord has been picking up pace as a great tool for gamers. It’s got the real-time chat utility of… Continue reading →

Captain’s Log if Spock Was Really Boring – Blaugust, Day 9

Blaugust, day… what is it now? We’ve lost all sense of time here in the depths of space… *wakes up* Oh hi guys, you woke me up from a really odd dream. You were there, and you were… Too cliché?… Continue reading →

Blaugust and OMG WHERE’S JAE?!

Happy… erm… July 30th, folk! Oh my gosh, where is Jae?! Yeah yeah. Apparently it’s really tough balancing blogging motivation with working full time as a News Editor for a gaming website. Who knew?! So posts are few and far… Continue reading →

Sunday Post: What Is the Sunday Post?

How’s about a bit of a format to this “Sunday Post” I seem to have magically started. Honestly, it began entirely randomly. I was posting on a Sunday, thus Sunday Post. But what if I made it more of a… Continue reading →

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