Am I Musically Obscure? Oh Well, I’m Talking About Tunes Anyway

Oh hai there. I see you’ve made your way to the newly labelled <– see that there? *spits on rag and polishes domain url* Yup. I bought a new domain. Since I decided to switch to Safe Shark Hosting… Continue reading →

The Insert Pop Culture Reference Guide to Solution Keyword

Lazy Weekend in Eorzea It has been a pretty good weekend, overall. Saturday was spent writing, visiting blogs, and playing a little FFXIV on Cactuar. Ended up on Teamspeak with Bel, Syl, and Mylin and others in the Alliance of… Continue reading →

Why Kids Love Brainfog

I’ve just spent way too long browsing Qwertee designs so I’m disciplining myself to get on this thing now. In Which the Sandman Gives Up and Walks Off As you lot were pretty lovely in telling me that you enjoyed… Continue reading →

Song Lyrics: Fear Not This Night

Sometimes as human beings we can gain strength through the words of others. Poetry, prose, lyrics.. This is actually a song from a game I occasionally play (Guild Wars 2 for those reading this that know games). The song is… Continue reading →

Shredding Geekdom

So I’m up a little late right now, just letting my sleep pattern do what it needs to so I can really rest and the Rift servers went down on me so I ended up browsing Tumblr and YouTube and… Continue reading →

Rediscovering The Kooks

So music’s shit at the moment, isn’t it? I don’t really have access to any indie/rocky sort of music (though feel free to share) so I’m pretty stuck with current pop.. it’s just.. yuck. Somebody on Twitter earlier mentioned The… Continue reading →

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