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Turning Games Compulsion Into Something Positive

I’ve talked about how the media portrays games compulsion all wrong and the negative effect this can have on sufferers and other gamers, and I’ve told you my story, but it’s not all bad. As a community, we can raise… Continue reading →

Gaming Compulsion: My Story

Hopefully you read my first post about game addiction and read and watched the things linked to within. Today, I’m going to tell you my story. This is actually a little hard for me because I’ve never really looked at… Continue reading →

Gaming Compulsion is Not To Be Snivelled At

When I signed on to Twitter yesterday morning, I saw Stoove tweeting and ranting about this article about game addiction from the BBC and heartily agreed with everything he was saying in regards to it being damaging to people with genuine… Continue reading →

[Guest] Are Men Obselete?

Allow me to introduce Lance Erlick, author of YA Sci-Fi The Rebel Within. When Lance first got in touch with the premise: “Are men obselete?” I was intrigued and wanted to hear more about how this relates to Lance’s book…. Continue reading →

Why Do I Blog?

I read Gaby’s post over at On A Book Bender and I thought: Oh now here’s an interesting question: “Why do I blog?” Do you know what? I don’t really know. I just do. But I couldn’t imagine not blogging now,… Continue reading →

[Guest] Looking For La La

Right before I decided to stop accepting guest content, I had a lovely application for a fun feature from the Campbell sisters which I was more than happy to accept as my final piece of guest content for a while…. Continue reading →

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