NBI Poetry Slam: The Sightseer

I’m not going to lie, I researched how to write poetry to remind myself how to form a poem, it has been years since I dabbled and when I last dabbled I was 17, angsty, into Sylvia Plath and thought… Continue reading →

Stupid Hurdle, Get Out of My Way

It turns out worldbuilding was my hurdle. The second I came up to this particular hurdle in writing my story, I did the equivalent of running around in circles in front of it Kermit flail style and shortly thereafter lying… Continue reading →

RoW80 Here I Go!

I heard about RoW80 (A Round of Words in 80 Days) during one of my NaNoWriMo stints. I love NaNo for the community, but I find the pressure a little too much. So I was told about RoW80 and how… Continue reading →

A Little Stuck on the Beginning Part

Wow, I really walked away from the writing a bit there, didn’t I? It was never my intention, I just stopped. Well, I’m back. With the advent of the writer’s group starting up on Fantasy Faction, it’s given me a… Continue reading →

Kicking Self Doubt in the Shins

Today I experienced my first real feeling of self doubt regarding my writing. Sure, I’ve felt it before. Felt as though I’m not good enough to do this, but still I plowed on because I can always fix it later,… Continue reading →

It’s Not Writer’s Block and a Few Tips

I’m struggling to write, but it’s not writer’s block. Actually, in my googling to rid myself of this stupid “I can’t write” disposition, I read somebody say that there’s no such thing as writer’s block and they have a point… Continue reading →

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