Looking for something new to read? The peeps below come highly recommended by me! Great folk.

Last updated: (Left column) 26/08/2017

Gamers Bookworms
A Green Mushroom Booking in Heels
Aeternus Gaming Books Without Any Pictures
Archaeogaming Books, Biscuits and Tea
Aywren Sojourner Civilian Reader
Bio Break Coffee, Cookies and Chili Peppers
Contains Moderate Peril Curiosity Killed the Bookworm
Endgame Viable Fantasy Book Critic
Gaming Conversations Fantasy Faction
Going Commando Jorie Loves A Story
Grimoires of Supremacy Lit Addicted Brit
I HAS PC Nocturnal Book Reviews
I Have Touched the Sky Not Yet Read
Inventory Full Nyx Book Reviews
Levelcapped On Starships and Dragonwings
MMO Gypsy Over The Effing Rainbow
MmoQuests Tea in the Treetops
Moonshine Mansion Tenacious Reader
Nerdy Bookahs The BiblioSanctum
Nomadic Gamers Wilder’s Book Review
Pizza Maid
Princess in a Castle Booktubers
Ravalation Books and Pieces
Shards of Imagination Eagle’s Books
Tales of the Aggronaut Jay G
The Ancient Gaming Noob Kalanadi
The Psychology of Video Games Kitty G
Why I Game Let’s Read
Lindsey Rey
Novels and Nonsense
The Marvelous Reading Room
Thoughts on Tomes
‘Stuff’ Bloggers (Hobby/Lifestyle/Other)
Clockwork Hare
Hey, Heatherbee!
Irresponsible Cactus
Ramblings of a MMO Gamer Guy
Ravven’s Glass
Snarky Sass
To Boldly Nerd…