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I’ve been into ASMR a lot recently. I didn’t know it existed until just a couple months ago when Dan mentioned it as an aside and then Elloa linked to a video in an Anook thread and I was hooked. I… Continue reading →

Gaming To-Do List: Woops I Forgot About This

I love lists. Like a lot. Lists keep me sane and help me to focus. So err.. how on earth did I let myself completely forget about the Gaming To-Do List I put together from back in Blaugust? I thought after… Continue reading →

Whole Lot of Screenshots: Wedding Elves

I take a lot of screenshots. I am not alone in this. But did you know that I often upload some of my favourites to my albums over on Anook? I’ve found this a wonderful use for Anook and a… Continue reading →

The Current State of My Gaming Loves and Plans: Jan 2016

I think that in 2016, I want to focus on World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert Online. But I’d also like to periodically play some Blade & Soul, Star Wars the Old Republic, The Secret World, Wildstar,… Continue reading →

A Little MMOing, A Lot of Cross Stitch Nerdery

Hey folks! It has been a while, so I thought I should dust off the blog a little and stop neglecting it somewhat. No promises on regularity, as always, but my poor little blog was getting lonely over here! The… Continue reading →

Number 5 is Alive! …ish

Featured image credit: Tony Moore I’m not quite dead! Promise. I’m also not entirely ‘back’, either. I’ve found that my blogging mojo just hasn’t been present as much since writing for MMOGames, even less so on days when I get… Continue reading →

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