Let’s Talk Planners

Today’s post is brought to you by Shannon‘s current obsession. It’s not even my obsession and it has snuck its way onto my blog, how does that work, eh? “But Han, what are you on about?” Planners and bullet journals…. Continue reading →

Blaugust: Let’s Do This

I have spent an inordinate amount of time procrastinating on writing this post today. No real reason for doing so, I knew the sooner I wrote it, the easier it’d be yet of course the shinies got in my way… Continue reading →

A Rather Melancholy Hump Day – Blaugust, Day 10

Another day, another almost missed post. Except.. today it’s less silly and rambly and more melancholy. I don’t even know, you guys. See.. I’ve got my mental illnesses under control. I’m on medication and I’ve had the CBT and I… Continue reading →

Captain’s Log if Spock Was Really Boring – Blaugust, Day 9

Blaugust, day… what is it now? We’ve lost all sense of time here in the depths of space… *wakes up* Oh hi guys, you woke me up from a really odd dream. You were there, and you were… Too cliché?… Continue reading →

My Green Lady and Friends – Blaugust, Day 8

Continuing on from my earlier post, meet Cassea, the sassy Mirialan Jedi Knight. She’s a pretty young thing and she knows she’s a badass (seriously, Jedi Masters, quit calling her arrogant! So rude.), but she wants to make a difference… Continue reading →

Back to Blaugust With Cantina Speeders – Blaugust, Day 7

Hi. I skipped Blaugust yesterday because I was absolutely friggin’ exhausted and I needed to wind down – i.e. not write anything – for the portion of the evening that I had to myself. I forced myself through Wednesday and… Continue reading →

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