Playing Dress Up: Around The Town

Here’s the second instalment of my ‘Playing Dress Up’ series of posts: ‘around the town’ – because you don’t really need to hang around town in your battle armour. This is my Rogue’s around the town gear. I found the… Continue reading →

Catering to the Casual

This topic has been blogged about a lot recently, I know, but it’s showing now the dangers of Blizzard “catering for the casual player”. Sure, it’s great if you start playing WoW, you level upto 80 with their help and… Continue reading →

Playing as a Casual

Now, I’m going to semi repeat myself here because this is getting a little ridiculous. Vashj has a Low/Med population and I’ve been used to that because I’ve had a good friends base, decent guilds to talk in, but recently… Continue reading →

Casual Play

I made a decision that if I end up playing WoW, it will be as a casual, no more proper guild raiding for me. If this happens I’ll end up achievement farming and I really am tempted to go for… Continue reading →

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