It’s Been 6 Months, Time For a Change?

Ohai. It’s been a while. This is becoming a bit of a thing, isn’t it? The last time we bumped heads I told you that I would be picking up the blogging thing again and really going for it, bullet… Continue reading →

Pondering a Change

Long time no see. So I’ve been raiding the Steam sales, getting all excited for Guild Wars 2, and in the meantime I’ve got back into WoW. I had a random urge to play a lowbie Warrior, so I did… Continue reading →

Changes and Decisions

I’ve been running around hoping to get a Death’s Choice or Deathbringer’s Will for so long (not gonna happen if I’m not doing 25 mans, I know!) that I didn’t stop to think that perhaps the Whispering Fanged Skull could… Continue reading →

Relationships Within Azeroth II

As you may have noticed, but probably haven’t, from my armory profile in the sidebar, I have rejoined my last guild, Dice. I’m going to keep the reasons I originally left between me and a handful of friends, but it’s… Continue reading →

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