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Warcraft Nostalgia: 10 Years, 10 Questions

With the 10 year anniversary of World of Warcraft, our community’s dear Godmother has put towards us these 10 questions to commemorate our game. She wants all types of players’ answers so as an ex-player with warmly fond memories of… Continue reading →

Declutter Your Blog: Social Media Icons

I was making some social media icons to use in my sidebars as I wanted to add a couple that I couldn’t find through a Google search, and then it dawned on me that you guys might like to know… Continue reading →

NBI Poetry Slam: The Sightseer

I’m not going to lie, I researched how to write poetry to remind myself how to form a poem, it has been years since I dabbled and when I last dabbled I was 17, angsty, into Sylvia Plath and thought… Continue reading →

Movie Mog: Brave

I keep seeing entries for Matty’s Movie Mog Contest around the blogosphere during my tidying of the Reader and blogroll adventures and thought it’d be fun to join in! I spend a lot of time just playing with MogIt ((I’m… Continue reading →

Then and Now: Seithir Edition

Oh you guys are mean. Like.. I was about to go read and then you all had to come up with this meme that lets me show off some of those old screenies of my Priest that I was looking… Continue reading →


Tagged by Apple Cider and Saxsy at I Like Pancakes, huzzah! And set off by Gnomey. Go into your image folder Open the sixth sub-folder and choose the sixth image. Publish the image! (and a few words wouldn’t hurt, though I… Continue reading →

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