Discord: Game Bloggers Anonymous

Hello again! Today I wanted to share with you all the new Discord server I’ve set up for the game blogging community. Discord has been picking up pace as a great tool for gamers. It’s got the real-time chat utility of… Continue reading →

Sunday Post: All Shiny and New

I had such a to-do list planned out for this week, you guys. I really did. With Monday being a bank holiday I was going to write up an article on Cabal 2, I was going to write a blog… Continue reading →

The Post of Overcoming Stuff and Things in MMOs

I seem to have this visceral reaction to playing Aion. For years I simply assumed that playing Aion had some strange synesthesia effect on me as it was kinda like the taste of the smell of the original game box,… Continue reading →

Be Jealous of Our Amazing Wedding, Also Talking Games and the NBI

*wipes the dust off and gives the sleeping dragon a poke* Hey folk, I have a day to myself so I figured I’d post a few updates here, it is the Newbie Blogger Initiative, after all – but we’ll get… Continue reading →

Community Time With Android Apps, Art & Anook

The Great App Spring Clean Another thing I got up to over the weekend was giving my phone a good tidy. I’ve got an HTC Desire X (I believe) and as such I don’t have a whole bunch of app… Continue reading →

You Can Have Your Cake And Family, Too

The Feed Reader Conundrum I have been looking through my feedreader over the past few days and noticing the sheer amount of linkdead rss feeds I have in there. For a long time, I used Feedly. I used to use… Continue reading →

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