LotRO Summer Festival: Drunken Shenanigans and Flower Ponies

I discovered the joy that is being completely hammered in Lord of the Rings Online while doing the Inn League pub crawl. That took me by surprise and included lots of estimation on where I was going and what I… Continue reading →

Put Out Those Fires!

Hallow’s End is doing my head in just a little bit. My Priest got herself the title 2 years ago, but I’m still after the mount and the collect all of the masks achievement. Ack. Masks & Things A Mask… Continue reading →

Day Of Much Squee

I’m going to start with my second Violet Proto Drake. For me, it really HAS been a long strange trip, as I started Fae’s achievements alongside everybody else. I rerolled to my Priest in the first January, in which time… Continue reading →


As always, I forgot that Midsummer started the other night. I was logging around different bank alts, doing some auctions to pass the time and noticed a bunch of Blood Elf Commoners – oh! Midsummer! Well, as I’ve decided to… Continue reading →

Children’s Week

Late last night, I noticed a few achievements pop up in guild when I logged in to fish, I’d completely forgotten it was Children’s Week! I logged out for a little bit and decided to do the achievements today, though… Continue reading →


Egg hunting. That’s the key to this festival. Some eggs will turn your character into a pink bunny which somehow manages to poop tiny sparkly coloured eggs. Don’t be alarmed, this is normal. You will need roughly.. 315 eggs. You… Continue reading →

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