Why I Returned to FFXIV This Weekend

You may or may not know that I went back to The Elder Scrolls Online just before Christmas, I even subscribed because man, that crafting bag is useful. This was an odd decision for me as I’m feeling pretty worn… Continue reading →

Whole Lot of Screenshots: Wedding Elves

I take a lot of screenshots. I am not alone in this. But did you know that I often upload some of my favourites to my albums over on Anook? I’ve found this a wonderful use for Anook and a… Continue reading →

The Current State of My Gaming Loves and Plans: Jan 2016

I think that in 2016, I want to focus on World of Warcraft, Elder Scrolls Online, and Black Desert Online. But I’d also like to periodically play some Blade & Soul, Star Wars the Old Republic, The Secret World, Wildstar,… Continue reading →

Gamescom Means Very Little Gaming? – Blaugust, Day 5

Man, you guys, Gamescom really takes the Blaugust out of you. You know? I mean August starts and you’re all pumped up, and Shannon‘s all, “I’m scheduling my posts this year!” And I’m all, “Yeah okay, I’ll be fine I… Continue reading →

Sunday Post: Warp Speed Ahead

It’s Sunday once again and I’ve been hard at work. Well, I rang both parents and spent a fair while adding blogs to the blogroll in my sidebar. I severely missed being able to take a quick glance in my… Continue reading →

In Which I Am Seriously Impressed By Carbine Support

So I guess I’m not blogging daily after all, but that’s okay! I’ve spent this week absolutely exhausted.. I went to blog on Thursday then I remembered it was Thursday which is the night I get Beta Data together for… Continue reading →

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