My Green Lady and Friends – Blaugust, Day 8

Continuing on from my earlier post, meet Cassea, the sassy Mirialan Jedi Knight. She’s a pretty young thing and she knows she’s a badass (seriously, Jedi Masters, quit calling her arrogant! So rude.), but she wants to make a difference… Continue reading →

Norn Jaedia’s Makeover

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a Total Makeover Kit for my Norn in Guild Wars 2 for way too long! I found I just couldn’t connect with her how she was.. she was awesome, don’t get me… Continue reading →

A Sleeping Dragon Has Awoken

I took a forced blogging break yesterday as I just know I won’t be able to keep up this daily blogging malarky I have going on at the moment, however I do have things to talk about so here I… Continue reading →

Friday Rift Raid-Fail Funtimes

Fridays are Eternal Dawn’s “raid night” in Rift. I say raid night because we usually venture into raid content.. but it’s always level 50 raid content, and sometimes we do dungeons due to not enough people online. But even so,… Continue reading →

Diving Back Into Tyria With Gusto

Jae is back, peeplets!! And just in time for the new patch in Guild Wars 2. These are exciting times in Casa Jae, with new beginnings in irl land, and returns to empassioned hobbies on the land of the interwebs…. Continue reading →

Turning A New Leaf

Guild Wars 2’s feature pack hit on the night of the big conversation in the Rift guild. It was an odd night, full of anticipation, sadness, and confusion. I was afraid of the things happening in my life outside of… Continue reading →

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