Mental Health

New Year, New Start

Greetings fellow humans, I do hope you had a happy festive holiday period and changing of the calendar. Yeah, no, I can’t keep that up for long. How have you guys been? I’ve been thinking about my future and my… Continue reading →

Down But Certainly Not Out

I woke up this morning with a bunch of post ideas and proceeded to spend my day doing anything but blogging, regardless of the sudden motivation I started the day with. I did stick all of the topic ideas in… Continue reading →

A Rather Melancholy Hump Day – Blaugust, Day 10

Another day, another almost missed post. Except.. today it’s less silly and rambly and more melancholy. I don’t even know, you guys. See.. I’ve got my mental illnesses under control. I’m on medication and I’ve had the CBT and I… Continue reading →

Rainy Days Aren’t So Bad

NBI Writing Prompt: If you’re reading this and a little nagging voice in your head is saying that you really haven’t posted in a while and really should, go ahead and give yourself permission to write a stopgap post. Post… Continue reading →

In Which I Get Angry About Sexual Objectification

Note from July 2017 me: Yo! I wrote this post more than a couple of years back. In the time that has since passed, Laci Green has veered closer and closer into TERF (Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist) territory and that… Continue reading →

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