New Year, New Start

Greetings fellow humans, I do hope you had a happy festive holiday period and changing of the calendar. Yeah, no, I can’t keep that up for long. How have you guys been? I’ve been thinking about my future and my… Continue reading →

Am I Musically Obscure? Oh Well, I’m Talking About Tunes Anyway

Oh hai there. I see you’ve made your way to the newly labelled dragonsandwhimsy.com <– see that there? *spits on rag and polishes domain url* Yup. I bought a new domain. Since I decided to switch to Safe Shark Hosting… Continue reading →

Tea Parties and Woodhaven

Inspired by Belghast’s Rather Strange Day, I thought you might like to hear a little about my Sunday as it was quite the opposite! Afternoon Tea I was in two minds about going along to have afternoon tea with the… Continue reading →

Song Lyrics: Fear Not This Night

Sometimes as human beings we can gain strength through the words of others. Poetry, prose, lyrics.. This is actually a song from a game I occasionally play (Guild Wars 2 for those reading this that know games). The song is… Continue reading →

Turning A New Leaf

Guild Wars 2’s feature pack hit on the night of the big conversation in the Rift guild. It was an odd night, full of anticipation, sadness, and confusion. I was afraid of the things happening in my life outside of… Continue reading →

Shredding Geekdom

So I’m up a little late right now, just letting my sleep pattern do what it needs to so I can really rest and the Rift servers went down on me so I ended up browsing Tumblr and YouTube and… Continue reading →

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