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Postcards From Azeroth: July 2017

Hi guys! I’ve been trying to convince myself to blog since my last post so give me a little slap on the hand for going so long. That’s how habits are formed, right? Also, I finished work today with my eyelids… Continue reading →

Pondering a Change

Long time no see. So I’ve been raiding the Steam sales, getting all excited for Guild Wars 2, and in the meantime I’ve got back into WoW. I had a random urge to play a lowbie Warrior, so I did… Continue reading →

Shadow Priest Cheat Sheet

Updated for 4.0. This guide basically details how I play, and soon I will stick it on a page so that I can keep it updated. I hope it helps. Spec Basically, you want to go for this 9/0/32 build…. Continue reading →

Levelling Cloth Gear List 80-85

I wanted to know what I can get for my Shadow Priest from which instances while I’m levelling 80-85, so that I know where to go if I’m queuing and such. Here’s the list if you’re interested. Should imagine you… Continue reading →

The Under-Representation Of Shadow Priests

There are some amazing Shadow Priest bloggers out there, though I couldn’t give my opinion on the wow.com Shadow Priest columnist ((being a no spoiler freak, then traipsing wow.com and MMO Champion like there’s no tomorrow would not mix well)),… Continue reading →

The Face Melter: Scaling Factors

I finally decided to take a look at SimulationCraft. I’d taken this long specifically because, okay I’m lying to you, I’d had a look before and I didn’t understand what the heck I was doing with it. Until I came… Continue reading →

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