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Kalithe and the Two Tribes

The other day, my Death Knight did a little bit of questing in Scholazar Basin. I figured it could be worthwhile opening up the Frenzyheart/Oracle dailies while I still got experience for it. The trouble is, I’m a gorloc lover… Continue reading →

Seithir’s Dream

This is a little something I wrote a while ago, thought I’d post it. Admittedly, it was never really going anywhere, but hopefully one day I’ll stick an ending on it. Go easy on me! In the pale twilight she… Continue reading →

Earth Day Recycling: This Is How I Roll

Zelmaru had an idea, to recycle an old post for Earth Day. Now, I don’t really do or think about Earth Day at all, I only knew it was Earth Day because of the pretty logo Google has today. Even… Continue reading →


Beggars, we all hate ’em right? People who, I’d assume, have level 80s (an old friend in TBC said he used to do this.. people would give him money to shut him up..), create a level 1, and run around… Continue reading →

Roleplay: Getting Started

A couple of nights back I was hanging around Dustwallow Marsh on Jaedi, my rogue on Argent Dawn. I was finishing off a few quests, glancing at guild chat and I noticed a couple of people were sharing their FlagRSP… Continue reading →

How Not To RP

You may have realised by now that Argent Dawn is in fact an RP server. The first time I entered Silvermoon City, there were people slowly walking around like NPCs, talking to each other in Thalassian, it really does feel… Continue reading →

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