Postcards From Azeroth: July 2017

Hi guys! I’ve been trying to convince myself to blog since my last post so give me a little slap on the hand for going so long. That’s how habits are formed, right? Also, I finished work today with my eyelids… Continue reading →

LotRO Summer Festival: Drunken Shenanigans and Flower Ponies

I discovered the joy that is being completely hammered in Lord of the Rings Online while doing the Inn League pub crawl. That took me by surprise and included lots of estimation on where I was going and what I… Continue reading →

Whole Lot of Screenshots: Wedding Elves

I take a lot of screenshots. I am not alone in this. But did you know that I often upload some of my favourites to my albums over on Anook? I’ve found this a wonderful use for Anook and a… Continue reading →

Captain’s Log if Spock Was Really Boring – Blaugust, Day 9

Blaugust, day… what is it now? We’ve lost all sense of time here in the depths of space… *wakes up* Oh hi guys, you woke me up from a really odd dream. You were there, and you were… Too cliché?… Continue reading →

In Which I Am Seriously Impressed By Carbine Support

So I guess I’m not blogging daily after all, but that’s okay! I’ve spent this week absolutely exhausted.. I went to blog on Thursday then I remembered it was Thursday which is the night I get Beta Data together for… Continue reading →

Lookit The View!

I did my first flashpoint last night. It was long, but fun. I can imagine they get pretty tedious if you run them a lot with all of the cutscenes and waiting for people, but I really enjoyed the way… Continue reading →

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