Postcards From Azeroth: July 2017

Hi guys! I’ve been trying to convince myself to blog since my last post so give me a little slap on the hand for going so long. That’s how habits are formed, right? Also, I finished work today with my eyelids… Continue reading →

Down But Certainly Not Out

I woke up this morning with a bunch of post ideas and proceeded to spend my day doing anything but blogging, regardless of the sudden motivation I started the day with. I did stick all of the topic ideas in… Continue reading →

Whole Lot of Screenshots: Wedding Elves

I take a lot of screenshots. I am not alone in this. But did you know that I often upload some of my favourites to my albums over on Anook? I’ve found this a wonderful use for Anook and a… Continue reading →

The Transmogista: of Faith

Hey guys. As transmog is such a huge part of my World of Warcraft experience, I have no idea why I haven’t started talking more about it here. I’m a huge MogIt addict (a mod I plan to produce a… Continue reading →

A Week’s Worth of Updates

I wanted to report on these little updates in separate posts but what with a couple of non-update posts and blog downtime ((sorry about that by the way, trying to move servers from my current to Reliq’s and there’s a… Continue reading →

Pondering a Change

Long time no see. So I’ve been raiding the Steam sales, getting all excited for Guild Wars 2, and in the meantime I’ve got back into WoW. I had a random urge to play a lowbie Warrior, so I did… Continue reading →

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