Hi guys! I’ve been trying to convince myself to blog since my last post so give me a little slap on the hand for going so long. That’s how habits are formed, right? Also, I finished work today with my eyelids half-closed, I figured I’d just throw out some recent screenies from World of Warcraft to give you a wee idea of what I’ve been up to in Azeroth and if I’m not mistaken, this will be my first post on WoW in a damn long time.


Meet my third attempt at a Paladin alt. My first was a Blood Elf who reached max-level in the Burning Crusade and was even my main for a little while, my second was a Draenei on my last server who is in her 80s but I once again started over with this gal that I cannot remember the name of because it’s probably some variation on ‘Jae’. I do miss my Blood Elf, but transferring characters gets expensive so I’ve been somewhat powering the new girl up. Initially she was Holy but I got kinda bored of trying to keep up with over-excited tanks and started playing as Ret again, so I could go on crazed killing sprees for the speediest levelling. Aw yes. She’s sitting pretty at level 60 right now.

Oh and my reason? Mounts. I’m trying to work towards 300 mounts because I adore the heavenly Cloud Serpent mounts and the blue one is so gorgeous. Paladins have the most mounts of any class with 2 class mounts, 1 from Argent Tournament, and 3 from the Class Order Hall. So that is her main purpose in life.

Claw of N’Zoth

I’m not a huge fan of the Shadow Artifact, truth be told, but I’ve still been going after my Hidden Appearance if only to satiate my hunger for completion. I finally got my Claw this week, meaning I no longer need to run Emerald Nightmare on LFR. I do want to work on the fancy quest from the Broken Shore soon but I’ve heard horror stories so I’ve been wanting to wait until I’m as close to 910 item level as possible.

Demon Huntering

My only other max level alt, my Demon Hunter Azshne got some love this weekend. I levelled her to 110 because I want more characters for mount runs and gold making purposes but I’ve barely done anything with her since I hit that. So when a call went out for normal Mythics to gear up in guild on Saturday I hopped on it. She’s still fairly low geared. She’s got almost full Dauntless so she’s not the worst, but it was fun to play a different class (especially as I’m not all that enamoured with Shadow Priest) and she picked up a couple of things. I also realised I still hadn’t unlocked her third Relic slot so that’s something I’m working on with her but at least she’s unlocked her next set of Artifact talents, right?

He’s Made of Stars!

recent screenies from World of Warcraft


I was feeling so unmotivated yesterday that I decided to finish up watching American Horror Story and farm bits and pieces and Elegon only flipping dropped his mount. As I mentioned earlier, I adore Cloud Serpents. They have the benefit of being all glidey and elegant, as well as dragons. I love them so much. And now I got me a celestial one!


That’s all I’ve got for now. I’m not as good at taking All Of The Screenshots as I once was but this practically sums up my week in Azeroth and you know? When I lay it out like this, I feel like I’m making my own kind of progress in WoW at the moment, even when I do take days or weeks off at a time to prevent complete burnout, and that is a nice feeling.